Daily Health Attestations: What Families & Students Need To Know

Daily Health Attestations: What Families & Students Need To Know

Elementary Schools & Three Rivers HomeLink

  • Parents/guardians must complete the attestation weekly, with an online form sent to them by their child’s school. This form must be completed and submitted weekly before a student arrives at school each Monday. This attestation will require parents/guardians to affirm that they will keep their child home if they are showing COVID-19-like symptoms at any time during the coming week; if they are testing or test positive for the novel coronavirus or have close contact with someone who is being tested or tested positive.

  • Elementary teachers will take each student’s temperature after they arrive at school each day for in-person learning. Students who have a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will be sent to the school’s designated room for students showing COVID-19-like symptoms until a parent or guardian can pick them up.

Any student who arrives at school without a completed attestation will be kept in a designated space in the school while their families are contacted to assist in completing the attestation. Those students will also have their temperatures checked by school staff.

Students found to be ill or reporting exposure to COVID-19 upon arrival at school or becoming ill with COVID-19-like symptoms while at school will be kept in a designated space at the school and their parents contacted to pick them up.

Middle & High Schools

Students enrolled at middle schools and Hanford, Richland and River’s Edge high schools will use the Qualtrics attestation system.

Notifications containing a link to the attestation will be sent out between 6 and 9 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and must be completed by midnight. These notifications will be initially sent to a parent's email with the option to send them to a parent's or student's cellphone. Middle school parents will receive the first notification via email on Monday, Jan. 25, two days before Grade 6 students begin returning for in-person learning. This is aimed at helping families and students test the system before returning to schools. Families should contact their child's school's office if they do not receive a notification.

The attestation will ask how students are feeling and whether they’ve had exposure to the novel coronavirus. Depending on the responses, the attestation will either give a “green checkmark” for those cleared to attend in-person learning or a “red X” for those who need to stay home.

Students must be able to produce the verification from the attestation when they arrive at school. There are two methods to provide this verification:

  • A screen shot of the verification screen on a student’s phone or from a parent's phone.
  • A digital or printed copy of the email sent to a parent's email following completion of the attestation process.