Remote Learning Options For Elementary Students

Remote Learning Options For Elementary Students

As RSD moves toward bringing students back into schools, are you not ready for your elementary-aged child to return to in-person learning? RSD has two options for families looking to stick with remote learning.

Continued Distance Learning

Student re-assigned temporarily to a new teacher following RSD’s Continuous Learning 2.0 model, current daily elementary online learning schedule and using Google Classroom online learning platform. Families may choose to transition out of Continued Distance Learning (CDL) to in-person learning at any time. CDL will only be available until RSD moves to Stage 4 (Full In-Person Learning) of its Return To School plan.

Richland Virtual School

Student transferred to a new teacher in Richland Virtual School (RVS) and will follow its specific learning schedule and use Canvas online learning platform. This program is intended to provide a more consistent and stable long-term distance learning option for families. RVS will support students regardless of what stage RSD is in of the Return To School plan.

Have questions about which option is best for your family and child? Contact your child’s school principal for more information.