Counseling & Mental Health


Is your family struggeling with a special circumstance? There is help available. We have compiled lists of suggested reading along with both local and out of town agencies. To find out more information about these programs and what they offer please click on the links below. We have provided a brief description along with the contact information for each place.  

About a School Counselor

Who is the Elementary School Counselor?

The Elementary Counselor is an ESA (education staff associate) certified person with a Master’s Degree in Counseling. 

 What exactly is a counselor’s job?

My job is to ensure that all Jefferson Students feel happy and safe at home

and at school.  To help students achieve this I provide:

Support Groups:

  • Anger Management
  • Divorce
  • Grief
  • Mean Girls
  • Social Skills

 These support groups are conducted during recess time so students do not miss out on academics.

Character Education:

I visit every classroom monthly to discuss character traits.

Special Friends:

In collaboration with Kiwanis Club we connect students in need of positive adult role models with a Kiwanis Club member.  Each week the student and friend eat lunch, play games and talk together.

 Parenting With Love and Logic Classes:

This class will take place during the winter months.  Please look for a flyer in January.


I am the testing coordinator for Jefferson.  If you have questions about MAP or SBA, please call.


Why do students need counseling services?

Elementary students need Counseling Services because….

  • Children require academic and interpersonal skills to be successful in their every day lives
  • Children who understand feelings and can discuss them are able to cope more effectively with life’s problems
  • Children who have good self image make better learners
  • Children must deal with the reality of divorce, single parent homes, drug use and abuse, child abuse, and violence 
  • Children’s problems can be corrected more effectively and less expensively when preventative measures are used in the early school years.